Monday, July 30, 2012

My Old Kentucky Home

So Danny Dearest and I returned yesterday afternoon from our yearly trip to Kentucky.  We visited with family and attended my 40th (gasp!) high school reunion.  Baby Susan joined us there with Mr. Jacob and Miss Emily.  ATVs were rode, fish were caught, and stories (true, untrue, and simply exaggerated) told.

But one of the highlights was...

the four generation pedicure.

This would be Baby Susan, Miss Emily, Mamagran (my mom), and me.  This was interesting for all kinds of reasons but the primary one was that this was my mom's FIRST pedicure EVER!  And she loved it. I expect her next one to have sparkles on her big toe!

And then there was our four generation picture.


But I could not leave Mr. Jacob and Daddygran out of the fun.

Betcha wish you had one of these pictures!

(Photography and computer goes to Danny Dearest. He can be handy to have around)