Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Boy and His Grandmother

Recently I ran across an old picture.
This would be Danny Dearest with his grandmother, Momma May (I hope the spelling of that is correct), about 57 years ago when he was about one year old.  Doesn't he seem happy to be  with his gramdmother.

Flash forward about 45 or so years and you get this...
That is me with Mr. Jacob at about the same age as Danny Dearest with HIS grandmother.

Grandma's just love those little boys.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memories, Pressed Between the something of the something

On our recent trip to Kentucky (see previous post) something that had been hidden for 37 years rose to the top.  I give you...
Danny Dearest and I the Christmas before we were married (that would be 1974 by the way).  My, my, my how impossibly young we look.  And my, my, my how impossibly THIN we look.  But you have to be thin to wear snazzy double knit bell bottoms like I am in this picture.

Just look at the way Danny Dearest is gazing at me with adoring eyes and I, of course, am looking modestly downward.  That would be me... always modest, shy and retiring.

Now, in contrast, the other day I posted on Facebook some age progression pictures of Danny Dearest and I.

These photos show how Danny Dearest and I will look in another 35 years,  Now when I posted these to Facebook there were several questions about what Danny Dearest is wearing around his neck.  I can assure you that it is neither a beaded eyeglass holder or a string of pearls (as was suggested by his "friends" on Facebook).  This picture was taken in New Orleans and those would be Mardi Gras beads a-swinging around his neck.

So look at the first picture and the second set of pictures.  Which would you rather be?  The impossibly young (and thin) 20 year olds or the more experienced folks of 93 in the second set of pictures.  Given all that Danny Dearest and I have done, seen, lived through, and loved, I vote for the second set. 

I can't wait to be 93 with him.