Thursday, May 30, 2013

Am I a Kentucky Girl? Why Yes. Why Do You Ask?

One of the things that attracted us to our new home in Taylor, Texas was the swimming pool in the backyard.  I envisioned days of laying around the pool with my lemonade.  Getting up to take a dunk in the pool whenever I got a little hot from the summer sun. Maybe floating around on a raft with my fingers trailing in the water.

But I forgot one little fact.

Maintenance. That stinking maintenance.

Danny Dearest has been outside for hours working on the pump.   He has wrestled that pump, checked the internet, and made two trips to the "pool guy".   I have done my part to help.  I put on my swimming attire, grabbed my new inner tube, and stood dramatically by the pool. Just to give him a little sense of the importance of him completing this maintenance in a timely manner. He didn't seem to appreciate my assistance.  Go figure.

So, since swimming was out of the question, I decided to check on my suburban farm.  First, my herb garden.  The basil was here when we moved in.  It was about dead but after some water and tender loving care it has come back.

I am growing basil, sage, and oregano.  Spaghetti sauce is in my future.

Even before we had any household goods delivered, I had been to Wal-mart and picked up some tomato plants and one green pepper plant. For that spaghetti sauce, you know.
There is also some onions that the previous owners left in the bed and one lonely cucumber plant.
 And if you look very carefully at the heirloom tomato plant you will see...
My little tomatoes!

And then I thought these plants looked lonely so I put these in.
Two more tomatoes and two Sandia peppers.They went out about 4 weeks later that the other ones so they are having to work hard to catch up.  Go little plants!  You can do It!

And sweeping around the backyard you will find...
Squash and cucumber plants.  Now I really like fresh cucumbers and fresh tomatoes.  I really don't like squash.  Neither does Danny Dearest.  Neither does Baby Susan.  Neither does Miss Emily.  Neither does Mr. Jacob.  Neither does Josh.

So why I am growing squash?  Because I am a Kentucky girl and Kentucky girls grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. That's why.

Danny is back from another visit to the "pool guy" and a part has been ordered for the pump.  And apparently our pump is old.  Very old.  Like floppy disc old.  This could be a problem.

But we decided to keep the old pump around as long as it keeps working.  Sort of how I feel about Danny Dearest. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Varuump! Went the Little Green Frog

Our first night in our new home I climbed into bed exhausted and ready to sleep.  But I kept hearing a loud noise that sounded like gears grinding.  It was loud and continued the entire night. I jumped to what I thought was a logical conclusion.  It had to be the pump on our swimming pool.  Now, Danny Dearest and I have never had a pool before so I really had no idea what a pool pump sounds like when it is going out, but I imagined it would be something like this sound I was hearing. I was mentally counting how much it would cost to replace a pool pump and not liking the sums that I was coming up with.

But, funny thing, the next morning noise was gone. We were very busy getting things done in our new home so I promptly forgot the noise.

Until the next night when the sound returned. As loud and obnoxious as the night before. But, sun up the noise was gone. My pool conclusion was obviously incorrect because what swimming pool pump only goes out at night?

When the following evening the sound returned I was determined to find the source of this devilment.  I tracked to it our front yard goldfish pond. At first I though It was the goldfish pond pump but then I saw...
a lovesick bullfrog. And unless he gets voice lessons, he will continue to be lovesick because no self respecting lady frog will have anything to do with him.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Been a Long, Long, Time

So I thought I would pick up this little blog, dust it off, and start writing again. 

So since I last wrote Danny and I had a few life changes.  Danny joined me in retirement and, about 6 months later, we packed up and moved to Taylor, Texas.

That's right.  I am now a Texan.

But home is where you make it and guess what is in Taylor, Texas (other that Danny Dearest and myself)?

Those grandbabies...they will even make this New Mexican move to Texas.