Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Varuump! Went the Little Green Frog

Our first night in our new home I climbed into bed exhausted and ready to sleep.  But I kept hearing a loud noise that sounded like gears grinding.  It was loud and continued the entire night. I jumped to what I thought was a logical conclusion.  It had to be the pump on our swimming pool.  Now, Danny Dearest and I have never had a pool before so I really had no idea what a pool pump sounds like when it is going out, but I imagined it would be something like this sound I was hearing. I was mentally counting how much it would cost to replace a pool pump and not liking the sums that I was coming up with.

But, funny thing, the next morning noise was gone. We were very busy getting things done in our new home so I promptly forgot the noise.

Until the next night when the sound returned. As loud and obnoxious as the night before. But, sun up the noise was gone. My pool conclusion was obviously incorrect because what swimming pool pump only goes out at night?

When the following evening the sound returned I was determined to find the source of this devilment.  I tracked to it our front yard goldfish pond. At first I though It was the goldfish pond pump but then I saw...
a lovesick bullfrog. And unless he gets voice lessons, he will continue to be lovesick because no self respecting lady frog will have anything to do with him.

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