Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Memories, Chairs, and Neckties

I have many precious memories of growing up in Kentucky and I want Miss Emily and Mr. Jacob to have a similar storehouse of memories.  So one of the activities we pursue actively while in The Land of My Youth is Making Memories.

Making Memories has been things like picking blueberries.  Making Cherry Cheese Pie.  Making a quilt square.  Making Memories can be almost anything.

This year, Miss Emily's Making Memories activity involved neckties and old chairs.

 We started with an old chair that you can find for a dime a dozen in West Kentucky.  The one that Miss Emily is working on was purchased at the Restore in Mayfield, KY for the whopping price of $5.00. 

She begins by cutting out the woven bottom part.  Before anyone chides me for destroying a perfectly good chair let the record show that the bottom was already falling out of the chair and Miss Emily is only hastening the process.
After she removed the woven part she began to weave the ties on the bottom.

And as a sidenote, isn't that little jewelry box in the background just too cute for words!

Miss Emily would put the ties around and the seat frame and tie them on the back. And since I know that is about as clear as mud here is a video of Miss Emily to show the process.

She seems very focused on her task, now doesn't she?  And my skills as a videographer are outstanding!  I will be expecting a call from Hollywood any time now.

Miss Emily continued in this manner until she had finished tying the neckties in one direction.

The two people trying out to be foot models on the right side of this photo are my mother and father.  I will let you guess which is which.

Next, Miss Emily starting weaving the ties in the opposite direction, sort of like a basket weave. Until she had a complete seat in the chair.

Miss Emily with my completed chair.  That chair now sets beside my fireplace holding a family picture.
All those cords you see on the floor lead to my computer, phone charger, etc.

Oh, did I mention that Miss Emily is twelve years old? 

I don't know who made the more precious memory...Miss Emily or me.

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  1. My wife always make my unused ties as a quilt.