Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Boy and His Pepaw


Like a boy and his Pepaw.

I don't know about you but for me potatoes have limited, albeit important, uses.  You can eat them and many teachers of young children have uses them to make stampers.  Although I like me an order of good french fries as much as the next person, that is about all the uses I can think of for potatoes.

But not  Mr. Jacob and Pepaw (alias Danny).

They decided to use potatoes for ammunition.  For a cannon.  To shoot.

Well alrighty, then.

First, they had to visit the local Lowe's to purchase the necessary materials to assemble the cannon.

Aren't those to two handsome guys?
Yessiree Bob.  That is going to be a fine cannon.

Next you, of course, pay for all your raw materials.

I'm sure Mr. Jacob just whipped out his debit card to pay for the materials.

Next lots of sawing, sizing, grinding, gluing, and measuring took place.
Sawing the pipe to just the right size.
Gluing the pipes together.
Grinding the edges to be JUST right.
When all the parts were assembled, potatoes were cut to the correct size, Aqua Net was added for a propellant, and the cannon was fired!

And memories were made.

Of a boy and his Pepaw.

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