Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling. Keep Those Wheels A'Rolling

So, we loaded up the Family Truckster and headed out from New Mexico to Round Rock to pick up the precious cargo of Miss Emily and Mr. Jacob.  We loaded them in the Family Truckster and headed to Kentucky to see their great grandparents.

I discovered a wonderful invention...the car DVD player.  Both kids watched movies for the entire 14 hour car ride.  Trips when Baby Susan was little would have been MUCH more easier if this electronic baby sitter had been invented back in ye olden days.

After we arrived in Kentucky, Mommy Grand and Daddy Grand surprised Mr. Jacob with a surprise belated birthday cake...

I took this picture with my cell phone so I love the way the entire top of the cake looks like it is on fire.  We KNOW how to celebrate in these parts.  No namby pamby cakes for us!  No Sirree!

And for extra effect, here is a video of the occasion.

I think hearing  Danny prompt us to say Yeah is real special.  Maybe we were so blinded by the flaming birthday cake we forgot.

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