Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Will Be Remembering

UPDATE** After I posted this, it occurred to me that I may have left the wrong impression.  I won't be walking the march all by myself.  Danny Dearest will be my side for every single step.  He may even have to push, pull, and drag me to the finish line.

When I ran my first half-marathon back in December, several people asked me what my next goal would be.  I toyed with the idea of running the El Paso half-marathon the first Sunday in February but then Danny Dearest came up an alternate plan.

The Bataan Memorial Death March.

In case you didn't quite get that, that was the Bataan Memorial Death March.  

The point of this march is to experience, in a small way, what the soldiers felt on their long, forced trek in the Philippines during World War II. 

That's a march across the desert for 26.2 miles.  Some people will, of course, run the march.  I won't be running. Some people (mostly military types) will run  it while wearing full packs.  I won't be doing that either.  I will be walking and trying not to die...or throw up.

 But the point of this march is to remember the veterans who lived through the original march.
And I will be remembering on March 25, 2012.

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