Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I realize that I have been taking a little bloggy break, but I am back now and thought I would bore you with a play by play of the (Imagine a group of brass instruments loudly playing "Da-Dah!") WEEKEND OF PAM AND DANNY DEAREST.

(Yes, the caps were necessary)

(Just to let you know how important this weekend was...or was not.)

Let's start with Friday because with me the weekend begins on Friday.  As my last post said, Danny Dearest and I are planning to walk the Bataan Memorial Death March.  So Friday evening we walked 10 miles.  Now that should be easy for someone who has RUN (I know, I know.  Caps again.  It's just a caps kind of day.) a half marathon.  But there is one key difference.  I ran the half marathon alone.  At my own speed.  Fast when I wanted, slow when I wanted. 

I walked the 10 miles with Danny Dearest.  Not alone.  Not at my speed.  Not fast when I wanted.  Not slow when I wanted. 

Just to give you an idea of what walking with Danny Dearest is like, when he was in Basic Training at Fort Knox they wouldn't let him lead marches.  Why, you say.  Because he led then to stinking fast, that's why. In other words, he led the marches TO FAST FOR THE ARMY.  ( Caps again.  What can I say?)

He tries to slow down but eventually he is a couple of feet ahead of me with me trying to slow him down.  So walking 10 miles was a little difficult.

And we are going to walk 26.2 miles together during the march.

Good times will be had.

Saturday we spent the day at our church at a seminar with Bruce McLarty learning how to grow together.  It was a time well spent on how we can have an effect on each other.

Sunday morning was spent at church and then, what do you think we did Sunday evening?  Super Bowl, of course.  We joined friends at their house and watched the Super Bowl.  I wasn't sure who was playing or who won but a good time was had by all.  I spent Super Bowl time doing my traditional working on crafts.  I made some flannel board games for the preschool which I will share later.

I know you are a-tremble with anticipation.

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