Thursday, February 9, 2012

Well, Apparently I AM Bilingual

Today, after a delightful morning of teaching preschoolers, I had several errands to run.  Now, as we all know, a lady cannot be expected to face the rigors of the retail world, on a empty stomach.  So I decided to stop at that fine Mexican eating establishment...
Yes, Taco Bell,  Don't judge me.  I was hungry and had very limited Taco  Bell it was.

The young lady who was taking orders was finishing up with the customer in front of me.  Now at our Taco Bell they ask for your name so that they can yell out your name when your order is complete. You can then scurry up to the counter and retrieve your food. And then you can begin to savor the goodness that can only be found at Taco Bell.

But I digress.

The order taker asked the (who by the way, had a British accent.  My little Las Cruces is becoming so worldly) customer her name.  The problem?  The customer spoke no English, only Spanish.

So I whipped out my superhero cape and said, in my best Spanish, "Como se llamas?"  (Spanish speakers...I know that I don't have the correct Spanish punctuation.  But my computer is apparently English only.)

The lady gave her name and tragedy was averted by...

SUPER TRANSLATOR!!! (that would be me)

But one warning.  That's all the Spanish I know.

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