Monday, April 16, 2012

Look At Those Smiles!

So recently some family members have been bugging me about not writing on my blog so to satisfy that massive fan  base (all three of you), I will attempt to write again.

Since my last post we did complete the Bataan Memorial Death March and attended the Final Four basketball tournament in New Orleans.  I will describe both of those events in excruciating detail at a later time.  But right now I would like to talk about another life event that has occurred.

A little over a week ago, my father in law passed away.

The whole week was a bittersweet experience.  It was bitter in that we lost a marvelous man who was 82 years old and would have been married to my mother in law for 60 years this week. 
A young Danny Dearest with my father in law.

It was sweet in that we had a family reunion with all the cousins and in laws.  I met some of Danny Dearest's cousins that I had never seen before.  At one time all the brothers and their families were eating at a local restaurant when my mother in law leaned over to me and said that,"He would have loved this."  And he would have.  The laughing, the talking, and the eating.  He would have truly loved it.

Toward the end of the week, Baby Susan posted a new profile picture to her Facebook account.
When Danny Dearest saw it, his first comment was, "Look at those smiles!"  And that is how I choose to remember him...smiling with a grandchild on his lap.

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