Thursday, June 28, 2012


When Baby Susan reached the dreaded middle school years she developed, as most young girls do, a crush on some sort of celebrity.  Her celebrity of choice was a boy band.  New Kids On the Block.  Hereafter to be referred to as NKOTB (just to show how amazing HIP and WITH IT her mom is).

Danny Dearest and I tolerated this obsession as well as two HIP and WITH IT parents could who also happen to have a little taste in music.  We sort of cultivated an altitude that this too will pass.

Except it didn't, pass that is.  Baby Susan has recently attended reunion concerts at which these aging "boy" band members sing and attempt to get their bodies to recreate the moves of their youth.

And she loves every minute.

And then yesterday I saw this on the web.

Baby Susan, this is for you.

And remember.  He sings this Old Navy catalog for YOU.

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