Monday, August 1, 2011

The Tale of Two Parents (or maybe three, if you are counting)

 WARNING:  The following post has my opinions just thrown all over it.  Don't blame Danny, Baby Susan, Miss Emily, Mr. Jacob, or Joshua for the rantings of an old Memaw. Sometimes Memaws just have to let it out.

So yesterday, I was lying on the couch doing my very best impression of a slug.  I was feeling so lazy that it was too much trouble to use the remote to change the channel when the train wreck, Toddlers and Tiaras, came on the television. 


I have, of course, seen snips and bits of the show and knew what it was all about. But nothing had prepared me for THE SHOWDOWN!

(Remember, these are 4-6 year old children)

(And I don't mean the moms)


This is given all the build-up of a heavy weight boxing match!  

For little girls.

For those of you who don't follow the little pageant girls just Google Miss Eden Wood.  She is a cute little girl who, in my humble opinion, is being marketed by her mom.  She has made the rounds on The View, Entertainment Tonight, etc. She is being led around like a show pony.

But she is not a pony.

She is a very little girl in full makeup, fake hair, fake teeth, and a fake tan.

And it appears to be having some effect on little Miss Eden.

About the 0.14 mark in the video, you can see Eden give Mackenzie what can only be described as a death look.   If I had ever caught Baby Susan giving someone a look like that, she would have a lot of explaining to do.

At the end, you can hear Eden crying, "Please God!  Please God!"  over and over.  She is "praying" to God to win the Ultimate prize, which was a canopy bed.

At the end of the show (which isn't in the clip I included), Eden came in second (I guess, I can't really figure out the scoring methods for these pageants) and began to cry because she didn't get the bed.  Mom admonishes her to stop crying because the camera is on her. 

Not to stop crying because she is a beautiful little girl and her mother is proud of her.  Not to stop crying because she did win a large crown when there were little girls there who did not win anything.  Let's get it clear.  She wanted her 5-6 year old to stop crying because THE CAMERA WAS ON HER.  
That says a whole lot about what is going on with little Miss Eden Wood.

Now compare that public crying of a child and the parents response with this 

That little guy, Dylan Sylvia, appears to be taking pictures of when Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett hands him a baseball.  He  is so thrilled \that he breaks down and cries.  Does Dad say,"Buck up, son.  The cameras are on us."  No he reacts as any parent would.  He hugs his son and let's him cry.

I wonder which child has a better chance in life?


  1. I love this show to watch the crazy that it is. Plus, it is summer and there is not much else on. But I can tell you, those are not the worst! The one that is feed suger cubes! WHAT!?! How is that ok?

  2. And in the episode I wrote about, Eden was getting sleepy so her mom gave her some special was Red Bull! Just to hype her up so she could win.