Monday, April 23, 2012

These Are the Days of Our Lives

When Baby Susan was growing up, she had all the typical teenage crushes on actors, singers, etc.  But one that stood out was...

Bryan Datlilo, better known as Lucas (Roberts) Horton on Days of Our Lives.

Now according to She Knows, this bad boy
1. has forgiven Sami a million times but done his fair share of bad deeds.
2. had helped Kate frame Sami for the murder of Franco Kelley,
3. attempted to kill Sami himself.
4. has kidnapped his son, Will, once.

And that is just a partial lists of Lucas' exploits on this soap.

And Baby Susan thought he was the cat's pajamas.  The bee's knees.,  All that and a bag of chips. (Let's see how many out of date metaphors I can name.)

And then good fortune struck for Baby Susan,

The local minor league baseball team was having soap night when various soap stars would be in attendance and play one inning of baseball to raise money for charity. Before this, Baby Susan's interest in baseball could be measured by the flavors of ice cream being served at the concession stand.

 But suddenly Baby Susan developed an overnight interest in baseball so being the over indulgent parents we were, we took her.

And Lucas was there.

And we got this rather out of focus shot.
It was love at first sight.


  1. I met him once when he came to town for the telethon of stars. He has been a couple of times. If he comes back again I will make you jealous!

  2. Actually I could not care less. Susan, however...


  3. AHHHHH! You forgot to mention that I had just come off a week of Pine Springs and was SOOO tired!

    And that I still have my autographed picture!