Wednesday, April 25, 2012

America's Game

When most people are asked to name a few major holidays the answers will usually include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Fourth of July.  Danny Dearest would add one more.
  Opening day of Major League Baseball.

Now just to be clear, before I married Danny Dearest I didn't know Major League Baseball had an opening day, a closing day, or any kind of day at all.  I believe Danny Dearest was shocked at my ignorance at the inner workings of the goings on of those guys with bats that ran around on a field.  But he accepted me as I was and I chose to ignore his rather limited fashion sense.

But in going through our pictures I ran across this.

Let's not even think about how impossibly skinny Danny Dearest is in this picture let's just go in for a close up of that amazing footwear he is sporting.

No baseball cleats for him.  When you are as fast and sure-footed as a deer you don't need cleats. Rather, he is wearing the original low top converse basketball shoes.  It turns out he was a fashion trend setter way back in 19-something or other.  And while I can accept his footwear choice, the dark socks with athletic wear does give me pause.  (I am pausing here. For the socks, you understand.)

Now for the whole team proudly representing Youngblood's of Mayfield Kentucky on the baseball diamond.

You got to wonder why that one coach has a bandage on his nose.  Errant baseball perhaps?


  1. In a practice game, he called balls and strikes. This picture was taken about a month later - after most of the healing.

  2. Who is this anonymous character? Name yourself kind sir or madam.

    I really think is it Danny Dearest.