Monday, December 12, 2011


So Saturday I went out to the multi-use Triviz path to do my daily four mile run.  I enjoy running on the Triviz path because it runs parallel  to a busy road and I always feel that if I go into a hypoglycemic coma and fall to the ground, someone might take pity on me and call 911.  You see, I believe in the basic goodness of people.  A belief that got tested last Saturday.

I purposely run without any earphones just so that I can be aware of my surroundings at all times.So you can imagine my surprise when I was jogging along and was at about the mile and half mark when something went "Bam!" and hit my left cheek.  At first, I thought someone had run up behind me and had cold-cocked me. I looked around and saw the remnants of a snow/ice ball on the ground.  I had been hit by a snow/ice ball!

I quickly looked around and saw two "gentlemen" scampering off a roof of a duplex across the street.  They had taken a pot shot at me.

At first I contemplated calling the police but I couldn't see myself telling them that I had been hit by a snowball.  Doesn't quite measure up next to the burglary, abuse, and shooting calls they would be getting on Saturday so I passed on that idea.  And just keep running.

But Sunday morning I sort of wished I had reported it to the authorities.  I had a two inch red mark on my left cheek from the ice that was packed in the snowball. I couldn't help but think of the 70 year old man that rides his bike everyday on that path.  Or the special needs guy that also pedals a bike along that path.  Or the elderly couple that I see walking there several times a week.  What if they had decided to use one of them for target practice?  But it is too late and I will probably regret that I didn't report, no matter how silly I would have seemed.

So my belief in the goodness of people was tested, but not completely destroyed. I still know that most people are inherently good.  

But those "gentlemen" on Triviz...


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