Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Please Don't Yawn

This may be the most boring blog post EVER.  But to make it flow a little bit better, I have resorted to a list.  You have been warned.

1. I've started my daily runs again and began them in my neighborhood.  This is fine except half of the run is uphill.  I have, apparently, lost the training necessary for hill running.  Let's just say my thighs and calves are not happy.

2. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching at our church preschool.  The kids give me new stories to tell everyday and fulfill that part of me that still wants to work with kids even though I am retired from the public school system.

3. Danny Dearest and I are gearing up for our trip over hill, over dale to see the grandbabies.  This involves packing the back of the family truckster with jigsaw puzzle precision.  This will be Danny Dearest area of expertise. He can make everything I want to take fit in the car.  He is a hero among husbands.
This is not our actual vehicle so all you would-be car breaker-iners just relax.  Not this many goodies in our actual SUV.

There, I am finished.  Are you still awake?

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