Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday afternoon the first delicate snowflakes began to fall on my New Mexico home.  They were beautiful.

And then the snow began to fall a little heavier and heavier.  Then we had a full on desert snowstorm. Roads and schools began to shut down.  Danny Dearest was sent home early because the workers at his base have to pass through a mountain  pass at 5300 feet elevation to get home.  And that pass was rapidly becoming impassible.

Now desert snowstorms are almost mystic events and I love experiencing them,  This one was beginning just like every snowstorm we have had since we moved here until...

This morning.

When I awoke to temperatures of 7 degrees and no heater.  You read that right, NO HEATER.  Now I am not one of those tough girls (my running fall experience notwithstanding) and so I promptly got up and called the 24/7 service number that comes with the heater.
This isn't me...

I got the technician and he told me that he would notify the office at 8:00 but that he couldn't come right then because the road were closed. Now do you have a grasp on the entire scenario, no heat, arctic temperatures, and one not so tough woman.

I bundled up with an electric blanket and stocking hat and made camp on the couch.  My outlook was dark to say the best.

Long story short, Mr. Technician finally made it out to our house over the icy roads. The heater is now working hard to make up for lost ground so the house is beginning to warm up.  I have my fireplace roaring and my attitude is improving.

And the most beautiful part of a desert snowstorm?  Two inches of snow and icy roads today while the predicted high for Sunday is 51 degrees.

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