Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Feet Have a Vote

Many people have treasured Christmas traditions.  Making cookies, singing carols, eating the traditional Christmas meal are al a part of many Christmas's around the world. But in my family, that is not how we roll.

We take the grandbabies for a pre-Christmas shopping expedition.

Oh, yeah.  When the stores are the most crowded, Memaw and her credit card ventures out.  And this year there were two teenager girls since Baby Susan and Joshua have an exchange student.

The horror.

But I (notice that Danny Dearest did not accompany us on this trip.  Wimp.) and Susan took two teenage girls to the mall.  Now that is stress enough but, would you believe it, they don't like the same stores!  So, we spent over an hour in Rue 21 (my eyes may never be the same.)  and then  over another hour in a establishment called Papaya.  We have debated the comparable "cuteness" of one t-shirt to another.  Which jeans looked best.  And earbuds.

And when I had finally made it the check-out at the second store, the cashier said those dreaded words,"You need to pick out another top.  They are two for one."

Then the selection process began anew.

All total, we spent between 2 to 3 hours selecting "cute" clothes.

The next day, the process of taking Mr. Jacob shopping began.  He would rather take a beating then look at clothes.  He had all the video games he wanted.  What to do?

But a beam of hope shone in.  The day before, Danny Dearest and Joshua had been to REI (a store with everything for the outdoorsy type). Danny Dearest was on the lookout for a windbreaker type jacket to wear on those cold bike rides.  You will be glad to know that he found a florescent green one that will make him highly visible to all drivers of automobiles.

(I know, I know, I am beginning to ramble.  But that's how my mind works.)

While they were at REI, Mr. Jacob expressed a interest in the camping equipment.  It seems that he is moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and is looking to beef up his camping supplies.  So we took him to Academy Sports and told him we would get him something there.  He walked straight to the backpacks and picked one out.  Not your namby-pamby school backpack.  But a real deal, hike in the woods, camp by the fire backpack.
He's ready to take on a mountain.
Mr. Jacob took 5 minutes to make his selection.  My old feet prefer shopping with Mr. Jacob.

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