Friday, June 10, 2011

Enough Already! Everybody Go To Their Rooms!

I was so totally going to ignore all the goings on with our elected officials, but I have reached my breaking point.


 When children are misbehaving adults will often send them to their rooms until they start behaving.  Perhaps some our elected officials should just go to their rooms until everyone can act like a grown-up.

 Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, grow up!  Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards, and Christopher Lee, just keep your clothes on.

Weiner and Lee.  There are Public Service Announcements all over the television about the dangers of texting and sexting.  We, as adults, are always warning teens about what can happen when you put anything on the internet.  When you send a naked or near naked pictures to someone THE PICTURES WILL BE SEEN BY OTHER PEOPLE.  That's what we tell your average 13 year old with a cell phone. Surely you are more intelligent than the average middle school student. If you send inappropriate pictures by twitter, Facebook, email, or even snail mail, they will be leaked to the press.  Don't do it.

Schwarzenegger and Edwards.  Just don't do that.  Simple.  If she is not your wife, STAY AWAY.

Mothers and fathers of young boys please teach them to be men.  You know, the kind of men that do their job, (whether that job is as an elected official, doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief) and then go home to their family.

You know, I know such a man.  He goes to work, pays the bills, and makes time for his family and church.  Perhaps our some of our elected officials need to come visit MY home and meet a real man and take a few lessons on what being a man really means.

They should meet my husband Danny.

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