Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Happens in Nicaragua, Stays in Nicaragua

While we were in Nicaragua, Danny and I had two very different jobs.  I ran the eye cliniic and Danny was the leader of our  team.  As team leader his job was to help with the line outside the clinic. 

The line outside the clinic is a delicate thing to manage.  People line up for hours to get in to see the doctors.  After people have stood in line for hours they can get a little testy when the clinic shuts down and they have not gotten inside.  But docs get tired, eyeglasses get used up, and nurses become exhausted.  The line never ends and everyone will not be seen by a doc.  That is just the fact.  Danny's job on Friday was to balance the needs of the medical personnel with the needs of the patients and make everyone happy.  My, my, my.
Picture of a line.

So, Danny was out on the line playing charming American.  He shook the men's hands, kissed the babies, and flirted with the ladies.  One lady in particular became "taken" with my charming husband.  She was eating a flavored ice and Danny apparently was acting like he really wanted one. So the lady stepped out of line and purchased one for him.  One immediate problem is that he can't eat it because of the ice (no Nicaraguan water for the American) so how does not offend this nice lady?
Danny with his gift from his lady friend.

 Answer, he takes it inside the clinic until the lady gets her eyeglasses and leaves.  Then he can dispose of it without eating it.

So what does a wife do?  When this lady comes around for her glasses, I asked her (through a translator) if she was the lady buying MY husband treats.  She laughed and said yes. 

So whenever Danny gets on my nerves from now, I will just tell him to go look up his little Nicaraguan girlfriend. 

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