Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feel the Burn Ladies

I have been on quite the little fitness kick lately what with all the running and such. So imagine my delight when, after my four mile jog this morning, I opened Boo Mama blog and found this...

Feel the burn ladies!!!

As I was watching this, I realized I could see Teri Garr, Rose Marie, Dionne Warwick, and Shelly Winters heckling from the background! It's an 70's exercise-fest!

And just let me ask you, did you see one drop of sweat?  When I come back from my runs, I resemble a horse that has been rode hard.  I am sweating and not very pretty.  These ladies know how to feel the burn AND look good.  (Maybe there were hair and make-up people right off camera but I want, nay I WILL, believe that they knew how to up their metabolism and look good at the same time.)

You know, perhaps if I had a huge lighted backdrop that said PAMELA behind me when I run, my running would be easier.  If not easier at least more glamorous!

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