Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I May Have To Resort to Pen and Paper

Right now  I am sitting in an uncomfortable chair typing this on Danny's desktop computer rather than  relaxing on the couch, watching Law & Order while writing on my laptop.  Why, you say?  Why would a reasonably intelligent woman choose the more uncomfortable manner to write her blog when she could be wallowing in comfort?

Because Comcast can't fix my wireless internet connection.

My wireless connection has been spotty for some time and I had a technician come in August to look at the problem.  He told us (Danny was here.  I have a witness.) that our house was too far from the hub.  Since moving my house closer to the hub was  not an option, Comcast was to come out and work on the hub. 

(Sort of like the whole moving mountains to Mohammad scenario.)

As of yesterday, my wireless works for about five minutes then kicks out, making my all-important internet surfing virtually impossible.  How will I know the latest meme without my wireless?  Those cute kitten videos are not going to watch themselves! Important things are at stake people!

In an effort to correct this, I spent almost  30 minutes of the telephone with several extremely polite Comcast operators who could not tell me if the hub had been repaired. 

Today the mountain sort of goes to Mohammad.  I am physically going to the Comcast store and see if I can get my wireless repaired. 

I mean, my couch is getting lonely.
Cute picture from the internet. See what I am missing!

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