Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

I have had many pets in my life.  Cats, dogs, fish, hermit crabs, mice, hamsters, and even, for a short time, a skunk. I have enjoyed most of my pets and took care of them as I should.

But one thing I noticed in San Diego is that this is one dog loving town.

Everybody seemed to have a dog and loved said dog.  We saw people walking dogs EVERYWHERE.  In Old Town, outside restaurants, and on the beach.  Theses folks seriously love their pets.

But I think this might be going a little too far.

It doesn't show in this picture because Danny and I had to be very subversive to get this photo but this is attached to a CAR WASH.  Yes, to bring you this photo we drove up to car/dog wash after closing to snap it.  The entire time we were playing spy photographer we were being given the evil eye by what I believe was a night watchman.  And considering my crime spree at the nail salon a couple of days ago, I'm starting to see a trend forming.

so my vision for the this coin operated car/dog wash is that they have little dog cages that they put the dogs in.  The owners of the dogs insert their quarters into the machine and away go the dogs down the conveyor belt.  Inside coin operated car/dog wash he is scrubbed, sprayed, and washed.  Then, he would receive a hot wax.  And at the end he might look like this lucky dog...
It could happen.

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