Friday, September 30, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feather

Now my shopping skillz (notice how I spelled that with a "z", just to up my street cred, dawg) are well documented.  I can smell a bargain from a mile away.  Here is my latest find.
It's a little difficult to see, due to my mad photography skillz (again with the "z"), but that is a Fossil purse.  It retail for $200.  I bought it today got $65!

High five!

Fist pump!

On other shopping news, I also purchased this snazzy little thing today.
Yes, that is a snakeskin, pencil skirt.  Every memaw needs this little number.  I will post pictures of me sporting this.

And I will shake my tail feather when I wear this!

Well, alllll rriigghhtt, memaw!

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