Thursday, November 3, 2011

Angels Unawares

The room was dark and completely silent except for the soft sound of the monitor.  My gravely ill husband lay motionless in the hospital bed.

All the friends had left.  The doctor was gone.  There was only Danny and I left in the hospital room.  I pulled a chair up close to the side of his bed so that I could hold the hand that did not have tubes in it.

I was scared.  I was more scared than I had ever been in my life.

I bowed my head to pray and all I could say was, "Not this man.  Not this man.  Not this man."  Over and over.  I began to rock slowly back and forth, back and forth.  "Not this man.  Not this man. Not this man."

Then  I felt a light touch on my shoulder.  A cleaning lady had come, unnoticed by me, into the room.  She leaned close to me and whispered in halting English, "God bless you." And then she left

I felt some of the load lift off my shoulders.

I believe she was an "angel unawares" sent to comfort me in my time of great need.  And she did.

All angels don't have wings.  Some have mops.

POSTSCRIPT:  Don't worry to much about Danny Dearest.  He recovered completely.  So completely, in fact, that in a couple of weeks he will compete in his third Tour de Tucson, a 111 mile bike race since his illness.  God is good.

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