Monday, November 21, 2011

Ride, Danny, Ride!

Well, I'm back after my little bloggy break.  I just seemed to run out of words but I think my words are back!  I'll start by recapping our weekend.

Danny Dearest and I went to Tucson so that Danny Dearest could ride in his third consecutive El Tour de Tucson, an 111 mile bicycle race.  We drove over there on Friday, picked up his race packet, and toured the exhibitors.  After that, we had an absolutely delightful Italian dinner and early to bed.

Up early the next morning for race day.  We got up and drove to the start line.  Danny Dearest was about midway back in the pack of 4,000 riders.
What? You can't find him?  I don't believe it!
 I wanted to see Danny Dearest cross the actual start line, so as it got close to start time I wandered up to the front of all those riders.

That's where the star power was located.  Bill Walton, former NBA player was riding that day also.
Can you tell by his height that he was a professional basketball player?

Another biker with star power was Barry Bonds.

When my amazing cell phone photographer skillz it is a little difficult to tell but he is the one in the middle with the black and white jersey. (Notice how I spelled skills with a "z"?  That means I have mad SKILLZ.)

But the sun did come up and they were off!

Now there are really four races in El Tour de Tucson.  The 111miles, the 80 miles, 65 miles, and the 35 miles.  In total, there were 6300 riders.  That's a lot of bicycles.

Now, what's a woman to do when her husband is off on a seven  to eight hour bike ride?  GO SHOPPING!!! So I purchased a too cute for words sweater runic at Macy's. I had told Danny Dearest that the longer he was out on his bike, the more that I would spend.  Maybe that is why he had one of his best times ever.  But I am getting ahead of the story.

Because it was time for Danny Dearest to cross the finish line.  And there he was!
My winner!

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