Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, the Things You Will See

On Monday I posted about how Danny Dearest pedaled into bicycle history at the El Tour de Tucson.  Now at a bicycle race of the epic proportions of the El Tour, there will be characters of all kinds.

In addition to the tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, and such there are other riders that stand out.  There are the unicyclists.
Can you imagine riding that one wheeled wonder for 111 miles?
There are the elliptical bikes.
This makes my thighs hurt to look at it.
 But when Danny Dearest and I were discussing the events of the day, he told me of something he had seen while on the course. He said  that he had seen a rider with a dog on his back.  And that wasn't the odd part.  Danny Dearest said that the dog was wearing a helmet and googles.

I thought Danny Dearest had been on his bike in the sun too long and was seeing things.

But then I was looking at images from the race on-line and guess what I found?.
Safety first!

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