Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Still Bounce, Just Not in the Same Places

My stinky ankle has healed enough that I have started training for the Las Cruces Half Marathon again.  I am enjoying hitting the pavement again.  The place that I prefer to run is the Triviz Running Trail in Las Cruces, NM. 
This picture really isn't the best one of the trail.  It really is a nice trail that is used by joggers, walkers, and cyclists. It is busy most of time.

I like this trail because it is separate from Triviz Avenue but there are cars going by all the time.  This makes me feel a little more  secure when running because if I have a sugar crash and go done hopefully one of the good citizens driving down the road will call 911.

Also, I have built up a sense of camaraderie with some of the other "regulars" on the trail.  I always get a thumbs up from the guy on the Hover Round.  The other long haired guy always speaks to me.  A young girl always gives me a friendly wave.  Sort of like an exercising family.

But there is one thing about the trail that bothers me.  The trail runs from the university about 5 miles across town.  It's that university part that gets to me.  Because along with the regulars and me on the trail there is one more constant...
This young lady is obviously not on the desert trail that is Triviz. 

perky young college girls running along in tight running pants with their ponytails bouncing in time.

It's enough to make an old memaw go home and lick her wounds.

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