Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

About my second or third year of teaching, all the teachers were herded into the Gadsden High School gym.  District Attorney Susana Martinez, now Governor Martinez, informed us of the ramifications of the child abuse laws for educators.  She told us that, as educators, that if we even suspected child abuse among our students we were legally obligated to report.  Report directly to child services.  Not the counselor.  Not the nurse.  Not the principal.  Directly to child services. 

And if we didn't, we could be charged with child abuse.
So what does this all mean?  When I first heard about the child abuse scandal currently rocking Penn State the first question that came to my mind was...

why didn't Mike McQueary call the cops?

Just to make things clear, according to published reports McQueary walked into the showers and heard noises in the showers.  He looked around and saw Jerry Sandusky sodomizing a ten year boy. in the shower. 

And what did he do?

Did he call the police?  Did he call child services? 

No.  He called his father.  And then he told Coach Paterno. 

If one of the educators in the Gadsden Independent School District did something compatible concerning a child, that educator would be facing charges of  child abuse, just like the abuser. 

Why, in the fire-fest that is currently going on at Penn State right now, is this man being left out. Current reports state that he will be on the sidelines of this Saturday's game.

Just let me say, I have a ten year grandson and if ANYONE had ever touched him in that manner, the question as to whether or not he should be on the sidelines would be moot point.  He more than likely would not have been ABLE  to be on the sidelines.

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