Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does the Army Count Kittens as Dependents?

So after Danny completed his US  Government  sponsored “spa trip”, we load up the smallest U-Haul that was available and headed to White Sands Missile Range, NM. We set up housekeeping in base housing with government furnishings.  We were ready for a photographic spread in Good Housekeeping!

But our little love nest seemed empty.  Something was missing.  What could it be?  I had the answer…A CAT.  This is when I found the first of many facts that my darling husband had hid from me when we were courting.  He was a CAT HATER!  It was bad enough that he was Republican, but a cat hater!  I felt betrayed.

But to Danny’s credit he overlooked his deep seated prejudices and allowed Big Foot to enter our little home. 
Doesn’t he look happy in this picture?

Big Foot is the yellow tomcat that is giving Danny the eye.  But if you look beside Danny’s head you will see a little gray cat. You see,  I had become concerned about the mental health of Big Foot since he was growing up all by himself.  I was sure he was lonely so we got the other cat.  But there was a problem.  See if you can figure out what was wrong just by what we called her.

HER name was Missy.  And just like that we were grandparents! Don’t they look just like their grandfather?

update  Danny informs me that the yellow tabby we had at this time was not named Big Foot.  Big Foot was an another yellow tabby that we got at a later time.  This one was named Tom. 

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