Friday, February 11, 2011

Love, Love, Love

On Monday, the sales of flowers and candy will skyrocket. Men everywhere will try to prove their love to their women faire by purchasing candy, flowers, and jewelry.  Danny will too. In fact, before Friday, the 11th, he had brought me flowers TWICE. But Danny could give men everywhere lessons on expressing servant love.

Example One
This is the  controller that is attached to the heated mattress pad on our bed.

Ever night, about 15 minutes before bedtime, Danny goes and turns the bed down and turns the heated mattress pad so that the bed will be warm for me when I get ready to go to sleep.  My bed is always warm and toasty on cold winter night.

Now, that is love.

Example Two
This looks like a simple newspaper on a rather messy coffee table with a headline about our recent cold snap.  But it is much, much, more.

I get early five days of week and head off to teach first graders in the south valley.  On Saturday I like to sleep in and sort of EASE into the day while Danny prefers to go get an early bagel. Before he leaves, he brings in the newspaper and leaves it so that I can sit in my pajamas  and read the paper before I start all the Saturday errand running.

That is love.

Example Three
I have saved the best for last.  I really wish I had taken a before picture but I didn’t so here is the after picture.

Excuse my horrible photography skills.  What you see here is my yellow, Mazda 6.  It. is. in. the. garage.
When we moved into this house over 10 years ago, we kept the right side of the garage clear for a vehicle.  The left side, however, was stacked full of stuff we “were going to go through later”.  In other words, junk.
Meanwhile, my car was parked outside in 110 degrees in the summer and had ice on the windows in winter.  For my birthday, I asked Danny if we could get the garage cleaned out so that I could park my car inside.  AND HE AGREED!  It was packed with all kinds of treasures that we had to jettison.

That is love.
My husband expresses servant love on a daily basis.  

He is a servant.

I love you, Danny.

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