Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a Southern Thing, Ya'll

 Update to yesterday's blog.  My daughter,Susan, has informed me by Facebook (because that is the oh so modern way for mothers and daughters to communicate) that I made a itsy, bitsy mistake yesterday.  I know, I know, you thought I was practically perfect in every way,\.  Apparently the New Kids On the Block are referred to as NKOTB not NKOB as I reported yesterday.  I guess that T is very important to fans of boy bands.

.It has been well documented that Southern girls love pearls.  So three Christmas' ago Danny bought me a beautiful string of pearls with matching earrings.

You can see them in this school picture from when?  Maybe 2009?  And do you think my name may be Pamela? One of the benefits of being a teacher is that you get FREE school pictures.  I guess it is to make up for the low pay.

Let's look at another example (and another free school picture).

I sort of have the deer in the headlights look here (what do you expect from a free school picture? This is just a half step above a passport picture) but you can see my lovely pearls.

But when I was looking at some old pictures I ran across this from I think second grade.

When I showed this school picture ( which I'm going to assume was not free) to Danny and asked him what he saw around my neck he replied that it looked to him like a string.  It is NOT a string. What self respecting Southern girl would wear a STRING for goodness sake around her neck for picture day? I remember this picture day clearly.   If memory serves the sweater was red and that is a string of  seed "pearls" or "pearlettes" that I am wearing.  I believe I remember my miom fastening them around my neck just for picture day. My love affair for pearls apparently started early.

And how much better do I look in black and white?  

On a side note, do you see those curls and waves in my hair?  I have what my mother used to call hair "as straight as a board".  Those curls are the result of sleeping on pin curls.  And I'm sure this picture was taken before lunch because by lunch time, those curls would be gone and my straight hair would return.

But I digress.  Pearls.  I love them.  I wear mine daily.

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