Friday, February 25, 2011

Romper Stomper Part Duex

Romper Room.

I have a love/hate relationship with Romper Room.

I loved the show as a preschooler.  I longed to be one of the six lucky souls picked to sit with Miss Whoever at the table and have a snack.  I wanted to walk on Romper Stompers in the studio.  I just knew I would be the best Romper Stomper Miss Whoever had ever seen if she would just give me a chance.  I knew the Bend and Stretch song by heart.  And Punch Bowls.  I knew how to "punch, punch, punch the ball.  Punch it all day long.  Use your hand, your fist, your wrist.  But keep it on the run".  I was the perfect student for The Romper

But, alas, I was never chosen for the honor.  I was allowed to sit in the peanut gallery during a show which consisted pf sitting on bleachers and watching Miss Whoever interact with the half-dozen chosen ones.  It was the beginning of my failures at local television.  I had to sit in the peanut gallery at the local showing of The Popeye Show so I had no air time that time either.

It just seemed to much stress to try out for Dance Party.

I may need extensive therapy for childhood trauma.

Such a sad, sad tale.  It's a wonder I survived. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I could try out for Survivior next year.  Or Real Housewives of Beverly Hill.  Or The Bachelor.  What?  It could happen.

Perhaps I have discovered the roots of my obsession with reality shows.

And now presenting Miss Nancy.  Although Miss Nancy was not MY Miss Whoever in Mayfield, Kentucky, this clip is from the era that I remember. 

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  1. You drink out of punch bowls, but you punch on punch balls. (I love dinging people on the wrong words).

    You have plenty of air time with the local El Paso station with Penny Care for a Teddy Bear.