Thursday, February 24, 2011

Romper Stomper Domper Do

Back in the day, before Dora, before Sesame Street, before Mr. Rogers, there was Romper Room.  My five year old hearts desire was to be on Romper Room.  I wanted to be there when Miss Whoever ( it seemed to change) would take out her Magic Mirror and say those immortal words...

"Romper Stomper Domper Do
Tell me, tell me, tell me true
.Magic Mirror tell me today
Have all my friends had fun at play?"

 In the background of this picture you can see Do Bee and Don't Bee. I really can not tell exactly what Do Bee is saying but under Don't Bee I just can make out "I won'ter".  Now that word is working my spellchecker overtime!  It seems like Miss Whoever would sing a song that included the words," Don't be a Don't Bee, do bee a Do Bee."  I really thank it was Bee-er but when I was typing that it looked like Do Beer.  Not exactly a good sentiment for pre-schoolers.

I don't really remember what went on during Romper Room.  If I remember correctly it seems that it consisted of kids playing with toys on television.  Excitement! Seems rather tame by today's standards by I was entranced.
I never got on Romper Room but I did get to be in the "peanut galley".  I got to visit the set and Miss Whatever read me a book and gave me a snack. I was so happy.

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