Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Danny and I have a long weekend in which to honor our presidents.  What could be the best way to do that?  Google the life of our presidents and medicate on their works.  We could make attractive crafts that honor our presidents.  You know, popsicle stick log cabins and the like.  Now a cherry pie in honor of George Washington does have possibilities.

So we started out spending Friday evening with our dear friends.  These are three couples that we have been friends with for over twenty years.  We have laughed together, cried together, and fussed together.  But these are the six people I would call if I had any kind of trouble.Loyalty, that sounds like a good trait for a president.

After my four mile walk I attended an event I have wanted to get involved with for years.  I went to the Make a Blanket Day with the Linus Project. I met many delightful ladies who spend countless hours making blankets to comfort children when they are in distress.They inspired me. I am now working on my first baby afghan to donate.  I am excited abut this project. Examples of service, now that would be a good trait for a president.

Sunday we went to church and worshiped with saints in our congregation. Church going, another good trait for a president.

Maybe we did celebrate Presidents Day. If only our Presidents and elected officials ALL had these traits.

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