Friday, February 18, 2011

So, how much do I and my mom look like each other?  

 In the first picture my mom is sitting on the front stoop of our Army duplex at White Sands Missile  Range holding Baby Susan.  My mom is clad in blue jeans and a jazzy yellow top. Notice that Baby Susan and Mamma Gran are both sporting  yellow flip flops (the thicker sole that they are wearing were considered VERY fashion forward in 1978). Do you see cute yellow sunsuit?  I am sure Mamma Gran bought it for her and if you look at the smile on Baby Susan’s face she really seems to be on her way to becoming a pint-sized fashionista. She is working the model pose already!
Let’s contrast that with the photograph with me.  While I am striking the same pose on the front stoop of our Army duplex at White Sands Missile Range holding Baby Susan that is where the similarities end. I am attired in   blue jeans like my mom but that shirt is left over from my university days. My feet are bare. 

Baby Susan is wearing booties.  Baby Susan is attired in an outfit that I purchased at the Thrift Shop for a dime.  Yes, that’s right, $0.10.   If you look at the expression on her face, I think she is aware of the bargain basement beginnings of her clothing. I was a big spending mamma

I think my mom won the fashion contest.

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