Monday, February 28, 2011

Books R Us

 I will now attempt to entertain you with our goings on this weekend.

The festivities began Friday evening with a meal of "Chicago Style" hot dogs. Perhaps looking for Chicago Style hot dogs in New Mexico was a mistake.  They were average at best.

After our meal of average hot dogs we were off for more high times on the LC (Las Cruces for those of you who are not "hip" current jargon).  (I think if you say "hip" in quotes it sort of shows how un-"hip" you are).

ANYWAY, off to Barnes & Noble to see what excitement awaits there and to pick up a copy of Sarah's Key.  This is the book that Big Mama ( has selected for the Book Club title.  I took it home and started to read it.  I could not put it down.  I read the entire book IN ONE SITTING. The book is the tale of some of the atrocities that occurred during 1942 in Paris and how the lives of two families intertwine over 60 years.  This is one good book.

While there we also picked up a copy of Farts A Spotter's Guide for Jacob, our grandson.  I tried to convince the clerk it was for Danny but she didn't buy my story.

Then we went home and I proceeded to stay up way to late to read Sarah's Key.

And maybe sneak a peak at Farts A Spotter's Guide.

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