Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fountain of Youth?

The one thing about taking a road trip to Dallas with your husband is that you have 12 hours in the car.  Alone.  With no one else.  Just the two of you.

Oj, the fun that can ensue.

We discussed everything under the sun and just when Danny thought his ears would start bleeding, I pulled out a winner of topic.  I told him that he looked just like I remember him from 40 years ago.  He begged to differ.  He believed he had changed.  A lot.

Now this has been a topic of conversation between Danny and I before.  All his pictures look the same.  The only difference is the color of his hair and he seems to have a different wife in each photo (that would be go through many hair and fashion moods.  I am the chameleon of photos.) 

This is a picture that I snapped of Danny on our honeymoon.
Nice little mustache.  Some sideburns. Hair curling up in the back.  He is focused on the road. He is the epitome of the 70"s but cute.
This is a picture that I snapped on Thursday as the west Texas landscape rolled by.  A little grayer. Sunglasses have been added. Hair is a little shorter.  Still focused on the road.  And still cute!

So, I ask all of you out there in the bloggysphere, doesn't he look like he did in 1975? 


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