Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pooka and Danny

I have always loved cats as pets.  What's not to like?  They're cute, soft, and they potty in a box.  Great!

So when we returned from our three years in Germany, Baby Susan and I decided that we needed to get a cat to complete our little family.  Being the political correct family unit we are, we decided to go the local pound to rescue an abandoned pet.  Baby Susan wanted a white snowball type of kitten. The pound didn't have one that was white but we found one that was little and cute and peach-colored and we loved him!

We took him home and named him Pooka.

Danny and Pooka did not like each other from the beginning.

Danny is not quite the cat lover that I am, so he did not take an immediate liking to Pooka.  And matters where not helped when, immediately after we brought him home, he lost all his hair except for a small strip down his head.  He looked sort of like he had a mohawk  haircut before mohawks were cool.  He also meow very loudly.
This is a dramatization.  This is not Pooka.

At this time Danny was traveling frequently so Pooka got use to sleeping beside me in our bed while Danny was gone.  When Danny returned home, Pooka did not want to give up his spot.  So he would worm his way between us and lay with his back against me and begin to push as hard as he could with his four legs to attempt to push Danny out of the bed.  Now, Pooka was never successful in this endeavor, but it would make for an uncomfortable night for Danny until he would reach his frustration point and kick Poola out of bed.

Perhaps what was most distressing for Danny was Pooka's unfortunate digestive issues.  Pooka threw up.  A lot.  At first we were concerned and to him to the vet who said there was nothing wrong with him.  In fact, his weight was a little on the heavy side so it was not a nutrition issue.  My theory was that he was abandoned as a kitten (we knew this from information given to us by the pound) and got very hungry and just ate too much and then threw up.  My second idea was that he had "kitty bulumia" but since we had no cat psychologists in our area that idea was never proved or disproved.

Whatever the reason, Pooka had a problem.  And both this issues, not sharing the bed with Danny and throwing up, came to form a perfect storm one night.  Danny came home from a trip and placed his new running shoes in the closet.  Danny has very special feet and cannot buy running shoes just anywhere.  At this time he would purchase his shoes when he was in Washington, D.C.  He could not find them anywhere else.  And this we pre-internet shopping days.  So this shoes were special and to be treated well.

So let's set the scene.  New, very prized, shoes in closet.  Cat with throw up problem who is upset with the owner of those shoes for kicking him out of bed.

That's right.  Pooka threw up in Danny's new running shoes.

Not long after that Pooka joined the circus.

Pooka.  Gone but not forgotten.


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