Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Mountains are Ablaze

Normally the Organ Mountains, that are an integral  part of our community, normally look like this.

But now these mountains are on fire.

When we returned home from our Easter trip to Dallas I did notice a helicopter flying overhead carrying what looked like bathtub in front of it.  Wrong.  It was part of the firefighters plan to dump water on the fire.
This is what happens when you mix drought conditions with high winds (gust last night up to 55 mph).  A brush fire that is hard to fight because of the difficult terrain. And covers 8,900 acres.

We can only hope that it is controlled before the winds kick in again.

UPDATE:  Just heard on the weather that we will have a wind advisory for tomorrow.  Gusts should be up to 45 mph. Note good news for the firefighters.


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