Friday, April 15, 2011

I Got Nothing

I sat down to write this and thought I've got nothing.  Nothing.  So I thought I would write using a list mainly because I don't have enough to say about any one thing to make a post.  That might hide the nothingness, sort of like a black, baggy dress is supposed to hide weight gain.  So here goes.  My metaphoric  black, baggy dress of a post.

1.  Tonight, I decided to make a baked potato for supper.  Actually it wasn't a baked potato since I planned to cook it in the microwave so I guess it was a microwave potato.  But I digress.

  While preparing it for the microwave, I was poking vent holes in it with a fork.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang! OWWW! Not only had I vented the potato, I had vented my finger.  Danny found my clumsiness humorous. Or my pain.
Just put my finger in place of the potato.  

2.  As you all now this is the season of testing in the public schools.  And not even my first graders are not exempt from testing.  The other day I was giving them a developmental spelling test which is a lot like the spelling tests you all remember except these are given once ever nine weeks.  The include words they should know and some that go up to second grade.  My students were going along, doing rather well until I got to the second grade words.  I called out the word "chewing".  One little boy looked up at me and said, "Mrs. Champion, how do you spell that?"

All righty now.  I don't think he quite had the concept of what a test is.
3.   This photo of a jelly bean has been making the circuit on the internet.
Supposedly if you look carefully, you can see Kate's face in this mango flavored jelly bean.  You know,  I have eaten many, many jelly beans in my life and have never stopped long enough to look carefully to see if  the the swirly colors on the sweet goodness could be construed to be any famous person.  What if, in their careful scrutiny of their jellybean the owner had TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN?  They would not have seen Kate peering out of red and yellow sugar at them. 

It is expected to bring about $1000 on Ebay.

Personally, I think it is photoshopped.
Well, there it is.  My black, baggy dress of a post.   So now I'm off to stuff my self with jelly beans.  And look for famous people.

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