Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, I took a little involuntary bloggy break.  Why, you ask.  Let's just say it involved an Emergency Room, hospital stay, and tons of needles. But I am now fine and ready to continue.

Regarding my short hospital stay...I had a couple or three strange occurrences that can only happen if you have taught in the same valley for nineteen years.  In the ER, my IV was started by a student nurse who had been a student at my school.  In the actual hospital the my nurse one day was the parent of a former student.  The day I was discharged, the student nurse with my RN was also a parent of a former student.  It was sort of like old home week in the hospital.

Now that I am home but not yet allowed to go back to work, I am becoming quite the expert on daytime television.  Let's just say it might be enough to make me rethink my upcoming retirement.  

On a totally different note, as the spouse of a federal employee I truly hope Washington gets it's act together real soon.  When your paycheck is contingent on the political maneuverings of folks who are more concerned about many sound bites they get on the nightly news than how you are going to make your mortgage payment if the shutdown proceeds it gets scary.  Compromise already guys!

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