Friday, May 20, 2011

A Different Countdown

So you may have heard some of the hype about the countdown to the world ending on Saturday, the 21st.
Well, personally. I think we will all be here to go to church on Sunday, the 22nd.  Of course, there are quiet a few nice, well-meaning people who disagree with me.

But I have my own countdown going.  My retirement countdown.  Eight days with students or 14 counting weeekends, holidays, and work days...whichever you prefer.

As that red letter day approaches, some days I am more than ready.  Other days I get sentimental and begin to think that I have made a mistake.

I do know, however, that I have loved every minute of teaching in the public schools.  Even on the days I was so angry when I went home.  Or when I went home and cried over a students.  Or on the days that were just another day.  I loved it.

And I know that  there are students who won't remember my name or my class.  But I also know that I have changed lives of children in my community.

And those changed children, those precious children is what makes it worthwhile.  Even when the politicians are complaining about the schools and the teachers, I know some were touched.

And the children, the precious children, touched me in ways they will never know.

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