Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Life around the old Champion homestead has been a little interesting this weekend.  In fact, I feel a little like Ma Ingalls this weekend.
Even though Danny and I are living in New Mexico and it is 2011, it has felt like we were homesteading right  here in Las Cruces. Yesiree Bob!  All I needed was the long calico dress and my hair in a bun and you could have mistaken me for Caroline Ingalls (the mother of The Little House on the Prairie gang, if you don't know).

Because on Friday night  we discovered that we had no hot water!

No. Hot. Water.

Our 35 year old water heater had its own personal water heater rapture and left us. With no hot water. 

Did I mention no hot water.

We are waiting for the new one to be delivered on Monday.  In the meantime, I am boiling water for baths and to wash dishes.  I feel so Little House on the Prairie.

We have also had a little house guest this weekend.  Meet Mr. Wilson.
His owners (parents) are out of town for the weekend and he is spending a couple of nights with us.  Over the years he has done this frequently and is usually happy to stay with us. He is our little livestock since he is the only living thing here other than me.  And, of course, Danny.

And lastly, my back forty is producing!

Those are baby squash! Yes, I have baby squash in my massive backyard garden! Let's pull back to see the entire garden.

Yep, that's two whole squash plants!  Hey whatever works!

Boiling water, livestock, and fresh produce.  I know you can't tell me from Ma Ingalls.

Except, of course, that I have gel nails, highlights, and contacts.  But other than that we are indistinguishable.

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