Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Wedding Here and a Wedding There

Recently the inteternet has been abuzz with all that surrounded the Royal Wedding.  From dresses to hats to seating arrangments to cart-wheeling priests!

But, I would like to remind everyone that 36 years ago today, on this side of the pond, another important wedding was taking place.  I present, not Wills and Kate, but Dans and Pam!

Handsome groom? check.  Blushing bride? check. It looks like a wedding to me.

Actually, truth be told, this was one of the best days of my life.  I found the man who would be my rock when I am going off in all directions.  I found the man that would love my through many weight losses and gains.  I found the man that would support all my flights of fancy and help pick up the inevitable mess that results from those fanciful flights.

I found the man who would be a loving father to Baby Susan and Pepaw to Miss Emily and Mr. Jacob.  I found the man who would be a spiritual leader of the family. I found the man who I would love forever.

I only hope Kate was that lucky.

And by the way, I noticed in the Royal Wedding photos that William had a spiffy military uniform.  Well, soon after our wedding, Danny acquired a pretty nifty uniform himself.

That USA uniform  looks better than other, don't you think?

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