Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh, Yes I Did

On Saturday I decided to attempt another 5K.  I am turning into a regular athlete.

It was an "interesting" run.  One and one half miles out, turn around, and one and one half miles back.  I decided to use my regular goals for this race.  Oh, you have forgotten them.  Well, here there are.

1. Run the entire 5K.
2. Don't be last.
3.  Finish the race.

Simple concise goals.  Easy(?) to obtain.

So I lined up at the start and looked up.  There was a STEEP hill.

Oh, my, my, my.

Danny dearest was up about a block from the start to take pictures.  He later told me that I was the LAST  runner coming out of the start.  That means only the fun run walkers were behind me.  You know, small children and strollers.

All the elite runners were up the hill and off and running.

And I kept plodding.


And plodding.
Look VERY carefully and you can see me.  Notice that there is no one close to me.

But slow and steady can win a race because look what I got.
A medal! Let's go in for a closer look, shall we?
I won in my age bracket.  Of course, there was only one other lady in my age bracket AND she had a cane AND I had to trip her, but I won!

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