Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I AM One Cool Cat

For those who read my blog who do not live in the southwest may not know what a evaporative cooler is, here is a very simplified version.
Do you get the picture?  (pun not intended)  It is essentially a fan blowing over water.

And that is what has been cooling my house for over 30 years. Memaw is not happy.

So today there are men all over my house hammering, nailing, and do who knows what so that I can have refrigerated air in my house.

So that I can look less like this...
And more like this...

Looks just like me doesn't it?

UPDATE: It's now 4:30 and the guys have left and my air conditioner is now working.  Look at the thermostat at the room temperature when the unit was turned on.
Yep, after an afternoon without any sort of cooling my house was 89 degrees!
That's why we needed refrigerated air!

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