Thursday, August 4, 2011

I AM One Red Hot Memaw

So most of you know that Danny and I have spent out entire married life (except for three years in Germany) living in the desert southwest.  Specifically, southern New Mexico.  Where it gets hot.  Very hot.  Sort of like living on the surface of the sun.  Sort of tough on this Kentucky girl.

So for all of those year in the desert we have had an evaporative cooler (or what is also known as a swamp cooler). For those of you reading this blog somewhere east of far west Texas, you might not know what a swamp cooler is and how it works.  Basically, it's a box sitting on your roof that has a fan and a wet pad in it.  The air blows over the wet pad and the cooled air is pushed into the house.  Simple, huh?

One problem.  Depending on the outside humidity it will, at best, cool the house about 10-15 degrees.  So let's just take today.  It is currently 97 degrees outside and 83 degrees in my house.  Later today when the expected high is 101 degrees, my house will be approaching 90 degrees inside.  Yes sirree, I am one hot Memaw!

But the Champions have made an important decision.  We are investing in refrigerated air for our house!

Can I get an Amen!

Maybe I'll be as cool as these ladies sitting on ice!

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