Friday, August 12, 2011

Where's My Hover Round?

So, I have already bored you to tears with tales of my injured right pinkie toe that turned out to be broken.  But the plot thickens.

In an effort to keep up some kind of fitness, I have decided to take up bike riding.  My first attempt resulted in a knee full of abrasions after a collision with a guard rail.

And then yesterday evening, Danny and I decided to take a little roundabout on our bikes.  The results?  I fell and twisted my left knee.

But there was a more painful injury than the sprained knee.  As I fell, the end of the handlebar stabbed me in the right upper frontal (for the older audience, that would be breast).  For my male readers this is tantamount to a shot in the private area.

It hurt.

So let's sum this up starting with the foot and working upward..  Right injured, broken pinkie toe, abrasions on right knee from guard rail, twisted left knee, and painful injury to my right upper frontal.

And my bottom hurts from sitting on a rock hard bicycle seat.

Could God be telling me sonmething?

Get a Hover Round!

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